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  • Company Information
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  • Shareholder Agreements
  • Joint Venture Agreements

Our free initial no-obligation consultation will provide you with bespoke legal advice and essential information for your business. We are renowned for giving straightforward legal advice in plain English and for simplifying complex issues. We will give you practical, no-nonsense advice based on our many years of experience in business and in advising business owners and entrepreneurs.

Getting your business structure correct is fundamental to setting up your business. In most circumstances we would recommend that you set up a company. We are also able to assist you if you want to set up an alternative structure including a social enterprise company or charity. It is crucial that registration and incorporation are carried out properly with Companies House as often we are involved too late and it costs time and money resolving these issues instead of focusing attention on developing the business. Our experience in this area ensures that the process runs as easily and smoothly as possible.

We appreciate the complexities facing founders and work closely with you to protect your interest in the business. Our Services include:

1. Comprehensive Shareholders, Joint Venture or Investment agreements;

2. Tailored Articles of Association;

3. Directors service agreements;

4. Protection for your intellectual property;

5.Private Client Estate Planning including Wills, Trusts and Powers of Attorney;

6. Terms and conditions, confidentiality agreements and much more.

Shareholders agreements are essential to govern the relationship between the members of the Company. A well drafted shareholders agreement can save you time and money should a dispute arise in the future. They should cover possible future sale of the business, a shareholder’s death or incapacity or poor performance (whether assets or shares) and an agreed method for the valuation of the business and the shares. It is also a key document should you wish to attract an investor and shows a serious business structure.

A properly drafted agreement is essential to making any new relationship or joint venture work. We will assist you from the negotiation stage, to drafting heads of terms to the finalisation of the joint venture project agreement, sponsorship or association contract.


Commercial Agreements

Get it right and avoid the headaches!

  • Director Service Agreements
  • Contractors and Staff
  • Loan agreements
  • Terms of service
  • Confidentiality agreements – Non Disclosure Agreements (NDA’s)
  • Bespoke Agreements
  • Website terms and conditions
  • Privacy policy, cookie policy and data protection
  • Negotiating Documents

It is important that the roles of the directors are clearly defined, that provisions to remove them are clear and should they resign a structure for any shareholdings should be considered. We are experienced in drafting comprehensive director service agreements dealing with expenses and delegated authority.

When people work for you it is vitally important that both parties understand the nature of the relationship to avoid costly disputes and to ensure that each party understands their roles, responsibilities and duties. If you are going to employ staff or engage contractors, we are able to advise you on the legal position to ensure that you don’t wrongly engage contractors who could be taken as employees. We are also able to draft your contract with your contractors, any sub-contractors and employees.

In the early stages of your business you may need to borrow money from a range of sources. Having a well drafted and documented loan agreement confirms the position between the parties, including the key issues of the repayment terms and rates of interest and consequences should you default. We would always suggest that you have a written loan agreement in place, whether the loan is advanced from a professional, a friend or family member and that you take advice before signing anything, especially any personal guarantees. It is also important to document any loan that you as the owner make to your business and comply with company house registration rules if there are any charges.

Whatever function your business is performing you should always have clear terms to govern the relationship you have with your customers –outlining payment terms, obligations, cancellation clauses, recovery of costs and interest if they default, indemnities to protect you and establishing liability. We work closely with you to draft comprehensive terms but in a format that reflects your businesses style and what you do.

We understand that certain information needs to be protected and kept secret. Confidentiality agreements provide a mechanism for doing so; they are an important tool in protecting your business’s valuable information.

We are able to draft or advise you on bespoke agreements to suit the needs and requirements of your business and can include simple booking forms, to comprehensive contracts to standard one page terms and conditions.

It is very important that businesses control the use of their website through regulations and terms and conditions. We can draft your terms to ensure that any legal obligations you have towards the users of your website and any conditions of using the website are set out in your website terms and conditions. This avoids claims for misrepresentation, IP infringement or improper use.

Privacy policies are used to protect the personal information which has been disclosed to you by your clients. Privacy policies govern the way in which this information is collected and used and protect your business and your client.

We are able to assist you with negotiating document terms prepared by your customers or suppliers, to protect your interests and mitigate the risks.