Karen Holden

Managing Director

Karen is the Founder of A City Law Firm and the Managing Director. Having obtained her degree in Law, Karen went on to achieve a Master’s Degree from the University of Cambridge and her LPC from the College of Law. Her studies were conducted whilst working full-time as a senior member of management.

Karen established the firm in order to provide experienced and talented solicitors in the City of London, without the absorbent legal bills. Having worked for a large target based commercial law firm she wanted to offer sound legal advice and develop a lasting relationship with her clients.

Karen specialises in commercial law particularly start-up businesses and entrepreneurs, as well as over-seeing her high profile personal client's employment or litigation work. Karen has several established companies who have been her clients for well over 10 years; she represents members of the Royal Family overseas; high net worth and political figures; entrepreneurs who own several businesses and innovative awarding winning start-up clients. She offers them not only legal work, but acts as their agent to ensure, that where we can't help, we find someone that can, and we manage that relationship in the interests of our clients.

Karen as an entrepreneur herself can give practical as well as legal advice to expanding companies. She also provides specialist advice and can negotiate any debt financing and investment contracts, assist with off shore structuring and bespoke agreements that a company may need.