Paul Flude

Head of Strategic Partnerships

Paul Flude is a Practising Attorney of the High Court of South Africa. Paul is a Consultant working on Private Client matters (focusing on entrepreneurs), Relocation, Migration and Strategic Projects. Paul has amassed over 20 years of experience in the legal, fiduciary, insurance and financial services industries in South Africa, the Isle of Man, Channel Islands, Switzerland and the UK. Paul relocated to the UK after a period in the Isle of Man, whilst still maintaining his business connections and ties to his native South Africa.

As an entrepreneur, he ran his own legal-fiduciary Consulting business, Estate Solutions, in his native South Africa for 12 years. He now owns Flude & Associates, which assists global South African entrepreneurs and professionals with international estate planning, personal succession and strategic planning, and the formation of international corporate structures and family trusts. He also assists international entrepreneurs with relocating, purchasing property and doing business in South Africa.

Paul was formerly the Chief Executive of an international Family Office – backed by a wealthy family of entrepreneurs - whose business activities covered private banking, corporate and trust services, property acquisition, insurance and investment funds.

As an attorney and entrepreneur in his own right, he has advised many clients over the years with the formation and restructuring of their businesses, business names, branding and marketing strategies. He has served in various official capacities either as Chairman, Managing Director and Non-Executive Director on many company boards in South Africa and internationally, and acted as Trustee of over a hundred family trusts.

He also assists people to relocate internationally and to migrate their business interests to the UK, whilst our team of solicitors handle all the legal work. He also deals with high-end property and fund transactions, offshore structures and incorporation of any new businesses in the UK.

As an experienced and passionate attorney, entrepreneur, strategist, networker, marketer and client relationship manager, Paul is highly regarded and trusted by business owners, entrepreneurs and his private clients.

He is a Member of the International Bar Association, a Member of the Institute of Directors, Worldwide Who’s Who and is a South African Revenue Service Registered Tax Practitioner.