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A lawyer & guest speaker share their knowledge and discuss your specific questions: offering you the true value of £800 worth of time & expertise

Please note that these workshops have been specifically designed for those looking to Scale-up or expand their business or are seeking first or second round funding/investment.

 Bring your business plan, legal documents, questions and ideas to the table to explore and progress to success. With bespoke advice.

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Workshops in partnership with:

Monday 10:00

  • Employment A-Z
  • Victoria Fraser of Talent Capital and
    Felicity Carroll of A City Law Firm
  • Description...

Employment law know how & hire well for your business avoiding costly recruitment fees

Fliss: ACLF

Talent Capital

the opportunity to learn all you need to know about hiring staff and what you need to know as a new manager. Topics include:

1. Essential contract terms with your team such as IP and confidentiality;
2. Employee option agreements or alternative payment structures;
3. Sub-contractors and agency workers their role and your responsibilities and liabilities;
4. Mandatory pensions, insurances & best practice employee policies;
5. Knowing the best hiring strategy to grow your business; and
6. Avoiding paying expensive recruitment fees.

The seminar will include the opportunity to discuss your business with our experts on an individual

Monday 12:30

  • Competition: Know it & exploit it
  • Alia Ali of A City Law Firm
    Victoria Fraser of Talent Capital
  • Description...

Know your competition to maximize presence in the market place or attract investment

Alia: ACLF

Talent Capital

With Alia Ali, Head of Commercial Law at A City Law Firm and Victoria Fraser of Talent Capital
Join us to hear about competitive analysis and how this can help your business to succeed. During this one hour interactive seminar we will discuss:
1. How to effectively undertake a competitor’s analysis including identifying potential customers, brand analysis, marketing, suppliers, pricing strategies;
2. What to watch out for and how to protect yourself against competitors including avoiding passing off, avoiding infringement action, cashflow etc; and
3. Protecting your business and brand.

Monday 14:30

  • Protect cash flow
  • George Masefield of A City Law Firm
    Jo Rolls of Opus
  • Description...

Should you be doing business with that company? Clever practices & top tips!

George: ACLF

Landing a lucrative new deal is always exciting but what do you have to watch out for when entering into contracts with large companies such as BHS that could take you down with them? Are you putting your faith or money into one client or customer which could result in you completing work and not getting paid?
During this one hour interactive seminar George Masefield of A City Law Firm and Jo Rolls of Opus Business Services will help you understand the early signs of distress and enable you to make decisions about which clients you want. You will learn about:

1. Having solid debt recovery procedures;
2. Dealing with cancellations and robust payment terms to limit your exposure;
3. Monitoring cash flow;
4. Understanding the signs, how to address them and how to protect yourself;
5. Building a contingency plan; and
6. How to monitor your business and address early signs of distress before it’s too late.

Tuesday 10:00

  • Taking on Premises
  • Jasmin Crilly of A City Law Firm
    Pani Patsalos & Tony Antoniou of Your Optimal Work Space Environment
  • Description...

How to negotiate terms, jazz up & maximising your space to reduce costs

Jasmin: ACLF

Your Optimal Work Space Environment

During this one hour interactive seminar Jasmin Crilly of A City Law Firm, Pani Patsalos and Tony Antoniou from Your Optimal Work Space Environment will assist you with the key considerations when taking your first premises. Commercial leases can be a minefield, costs immense and getting the right space and environment is tough. We will help you with:
1. Understand the basics;
2. What to negotiate;
3. What a landlord will need from you;
4. What you should expect to see;
5. What you should never do; and
6. How to reduce costs / space but maintain impact and staff wellness.
Pani a leading architect and designer will explain how to maximise the space; how to create a wonderful environment to work in; and how to reduce the space you need which will in turn reduce your overheads without the need to reduce your team. Tony will discuss the importance of break out space, staff areas and impact design and how to achieve a wow office. Emirates were able to save thousands when they reduced space and consequently their rates by designing an alternative free flow office space.

Tuesday 12:30

  • Investment & Funding
  • Jacqueline Watts of A City Law Firm
    Chris Cairns Alliots
  • Description...

Key considerations when looking for investment or funding for your technology business.

Jacqueline: ACLF


Jacqueline Watts, a commercial lawyer at A City Law Firm and Chris Cairns of Alliots will be hosting a one hour interactive seminar discussing the benefit of structuring your business in a commercial and tax efficient manner to attract investment. They will cover:
1. SEIS and EIS;
2. R & D reliefs and grants.
3. Getting your house in order from a legal and financial perspective to enhance your opportunities for investment;
4. Understanding your options for funding including debt finance, bank loans and equity investment;
5. Making yourself tax efficient and carefully structuring yourself for the future

Tuesday 14:30

  • Funding & alternative investments
  • Karen Holden of A City Law Firm
    Brendan Cluff of Endeavour Ventures
  • Description...

Funding & alternative investments for your Business – understanding the options & associated risks

Karen: ACLF

Endeavour Ventures

Karen Holden, Managing Director and Founder of A City Law Firm and Brendan Cluff of Endeavour Ventures will be holding an interactive seminar discussing the many different options available to fund your business including the benefits and risks and what suits your business including:
1. tax structuring;
2. debt financing;
3. equity investment;
4. angel investment;
5. government schemes;
6. venture capitalists’;
7. invoice factoring; and
8. bank loans

Wedensday 10:00

  • IP & Re-branding
  • Alia Ali of A City Law Firm and
    Flavilla Fongang of 3 Colours Rule
  • Description...

Re-branding can be costly: get your brand right and protect its value from the start

Alia: ACLF

Alia Ali, Head of Commercial Law and IP lawyer at A City Law Firm and Flavilla Fongang founder of 3 Colours Rule a branding expert will discuss:
1. Top tips on how to appeal to and grab your market;
2. How to protect your intellectual property in your brand with trademarks and copyrights;
3. How to address anyone passing off or stealing your IP;
4. What message are you trying to get out and sell and how best to do this.

Wednesday 12:30

  • Planning an Exit
  • Jacqueline Watts of A City Law Firm and
    Shankar Devarashetty of Oasis Accountants
  • Description...

Plan now for tax efficiency, transparency with investors and to achieve your long-term goal

Jacqueline: ACLF

Jacqueline Watts, a commercial lawyer at A City Law Firm and Shankar Devarashetty of Oasis Accountants are hosting an interactive seminar on planning your business exit. We will be discussing:
1. business planning
2. dealing with investors when contemplating an exit
3. ensuring all your legal documents reflect your intention;
4. tax planning
5. ensuring your investors cannot delay your exit or sale
6. employee considerations when considering your exit
7. identifying your potential buyers and presenting yourself to this market

Wednesday 14:30

  • International IP Protection
  • Alia Ali A City Law Firm
  • Description...

How to register, deal with infringement and capitalise on your IP

Alia: ACLF

Alia Ali, Head of Commercial Law at A City Law Firm and IP specialist will explore the following:

1. What can be registered and protected?;
2. Costs and processes involved in UK and international registration;
3. How to deal with infringement disputes;
4. What to check in advance of registration to avoid legal action;
5. What is a patent that can be registered vs a trademark and standard copyright?;
6. Understand the value of your IP, packaging it ready for an investor?

Thursday 10:00

  • TBC
  • TBC of TBC and
    TBC of TBC
  • Description...





Thursday 12:30

  • TBC
  • Karen Holden and
    Jacqueline Watts of A City Law Firm
  • Description...


Karen: ACLF

Jacqueline: ACLF


Thursday 14:30

  • Entrepreneur Epiphanies
  • Jacqueline Watts of A City Law Firm
    David Brookes of Thinking Hat PR and
    Jono Marcus of TigerCat Consultancy
  • Description...

Entrepreneur Epiphanies: Great Ideas That Have Helped Tech Businesses Thrive

Jacqueline: ACLF

TigerCat Consultancy

Management Consultant Jono Marcus and Entrepreneur PR expert David Brookes will talk about great ideas that have helped tech companies establish their brands, enhance their credibility and take their profiles to the next level.

In this workshop, we will focus on great ideas, thoughts and epiphanies that have influenced entrepreneur decision making and helped tech businesses have an impact.

We will look at:

- How to judge business ideas
- Great ideas that have helped Tech companies spread the word and enhance their credibility
- Ideas that have not worked so well
- Take away tips and practical advice that can be applied to your business

Jacqueline Watts, technology lawyer will talk about:

- helping founders understand their legal challenges and objectives and encapsulate this in a co-founders agreement;
- protect your IP as you launch your brand and scale up;
- advise on how to seek investment/funding and what will be required
- company structures; and
- law specific to technology

Friday 10:00

  • Investment & funding
  • Jacqueline Watts of A City Law Firm and
    Sarah and John of RIFT
  • Description...

Specific for technology companies to understand all available options

Jacqueline: ACLF

Jacqueline Watts, a commercial lawyer at A City Law Firm and Sarah and John of RIFT will be presenting an interactive seminar on reliefs available to technology companies such as:
1. R & D tax credits
2. Grants;
3. Tax structures
4. Share option schemes to cover employee work without cash payments
5. Debt financing options

We will help you understand your options from SEED to first round investment, show you how to prepare yourself, what options are out there and what you need to know.
We will answer questions on: Do you qualify for R & D? What is the process and how can you benefit?
This seminar will help you get ready for the investment and get your house in order and give you the opportunity to discuss your business with our experts on an individual basis.

Friday 12:30

  • Trading Overseas
  • Bianca Martin and
    George Masefield of A City Law Firm Litigation Department
  • Description...

International contracts; debt recovery and disputes overseas. Avoid pitfalls.

Bianca Martin: ACLF

George Masefield: ACLF

Bianca and George of A City Law Firm will take you through the following:

1. Due diligence required for an international contracting party;
2. When to take personal guarantees;
3. International arbitration and mediation clauses that are essential;
4. International disputes and debt recovery processes;
5. What to include in your international contract, such as jurisdiction of the courts;
6. Which countries require enhanced due diligence; and
7. Common problems explored.

Friday 14:30

  • Family Planning for your Business
  • Andrew Spearman of A City Law Firm
  • Description...

Wills, Trusts, Pre-nups, Tax Planning in line with your business & exit strategy

Andrew: ACLF

Andrew Spearman, Head of Family Law and Director of A City Law Firm will be discussing considerations around passing your business to the next generation. This includes:
1. syncing your founders agreement to your will
2. divorce proofing your business
3. leaving a legacy to your children

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Workshops in partnership with: